Heartfelt Moment and Letter at Greystone


This heartfelt letter was shared to us, after one of our resident’s was able to have a special moment with their daughter!

Feel free to read the letter below, as well as the video showing them interacting.

Dear staff of Greystone Healthcare,

Our family was so grateful for the Winter Ball that the staff of Greystone Healthcare planned for the residents in February.  But we didn’t realize just how much that day would mean until the current COVID-19 crisis.

The Winter Ball was an extraordinary event that the residents and their families enjoyed thoroughly. Seeing all the residents dressed in their formal gowns and bowties, with their hair, makeup and nails freshly done was so precious. And the SMILES! Everyone – residents, staff, and family members – was smiling, singing, and dancing together. My 90 year old father was able to attend the ball with the love of his life, my mom, who is a resident at Greystone. They were both so excited, and my mom had tears in her eyes when she realized that she was going to have a “real date”.

We greatly appreciated the time and effort that the staff put in to planning the music, the food, the photo booths, and the decorations for the ball.  The amount of time and effort that went into the planning was evident.  At the time of the Winter Ball, we had no idea of what was coming just a few weeks later, and didn’t realize just how precious those memories would truly be.  As the coronavirus pandemic has changed so much of our daily lives and limited our time with our loved ones, memories such as those created at the Winter Ball have become even more precious.

Please know that the family members of the residents of Greystone have all of you in their thoughts and prayers every day.  I know how difficult this time has been and will continue to be for the residents, the staff, and the families.  We trust you all to care for our loved ones during this difficult time and we know you will live up to the challenge.


Leigh Ann Zollo (daughter of Jean Lewis)

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