Anthony Parton

I was admitted to Greystone in December of 2014. When I got there, I was on a ventilator. While I was there, the respiratory therapists worked with me everyday to get me off the ventilator. I was seen by so many wonderful therapists while I was there. The ones that stand out to me are Lucy, Carrie, Donna, Linda, Frieda, and Dave. They were there around the clock. I also worked with a speech therapist named Shelly. She helped me learn to swallow again. She even called herself my “mom” because she cared so much and pushed me to do the best I could in order to get me better. All of the nurses were wonderful, too. Melissa really stands out. She was great.

I became great friends with so many of the staff. Bill Jackson, the guy that delivered supplies, was a true friend. He would even take time to sit and visit with me when he could.

I went to Greystone to get off the ventilator and get my trach out. They did both! Greystone is a great place!

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