Connie B.

Since being here at Greystone, I have experienced fear, sadness and depression but the staff has been extremely helpful, kind and uplifting. Every person in Physical Therapy and Respiratory Therapy has been professional while friendly and encouraging. The nurses carried out their duties In the same style with friendliness and professionalism.

I have to say that the CNA’s work is extremely hard, lifting, positioning, helping patients in the most difficult and often undesirable ways. I have great admiration for them and realize the mental and physical toll it takes on each person. Patients are often afraid, angry and difficult to work with and it takes special people within all departments to help them smoothly reach their goals.

I would recommend this facility because of the above mentioned qualities. Zac Breedlove and his staff deserve mention because they pull this all together and make it work. Thank each of you for helping me reach my goals, your kindness and friendliness. It made everything easier and within reach.

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